An update

So I have been on ship for a month now. The trip is going well so far, the crew are nice, though the food isn’t always so good.

If you want to contact me the best way is to e mail me at this address

It may take a couple of tries but it will work in the end. 

All packed, all ready to go.
See you in July UK.

So Sunday I fly out to Athens to get on the Ship the Ever Leading.
I will be on-board it for 4 and a half months, and getting off of it in early July.

And as an awful lot of people have an awful lot of questions about this I thought I would write this to answer some of them.

Why are you doing this?

I am training to qualify as an officer on merchant vessels. This takes 3 years, to qualify you need 12 months sea time, this will contribute towards this.

Where are you going?

The route which my ship is currently on is the China-Europe Shuttle Service which as the name suggests travels from Europe to China and back. The round trip takes about 77 days and I will be doing that twice in this trip.

So what will your ship be carrying?

Containers and they take everything.

How big is your ship?

335m long and 46m wide

Is there some way to track you?

Yes you can see where the ship is when it is in rage at this page.

Will you have internet?

No not on the ship, but hopefully there will be internet cafes in port.

So how can you be contacted?

I will have a company e mail while I am on board, I don’t know this yet, but I will post it to Facebook and Twitter when I can.

When you know what my e mail is please do not hesitate to send me one, it will be greatly appreciated.

I will put updates on Facebook and twitter when I can throughout my trip.

Thank you all for your support since September.

See you in July.

(if there is something I haven’t put on here do not hesitate to ask me). 

My local weather ladys and gentlemen men. 

My local weather ladys and gentlemen men. 

So i went up to Bradgate Park this afternoon, got to love a bit of that. 

This is why you cant take engineers to macdonalds. 

This is why you cant take engineers to macdonalds.